I’ve been trying to practice my painting skills and whatnot so I’ve been working on eyes. Top photo was one done a couple weeks ago with this http://www.colourpod.com/post/43812476690/via-design-seeds-com color palette and my eyes as a reference.

Bottom photo are various photo references of ball joint dolls that I’ve seen around. From top to bottom these are the color palettes I’ve used: http://www.colourpod.com/post/29975690784/fun-in-the-sun-by-ameliarukavina-ffff00
http://www.colourpod.com/post/55990715631/have-you-ever-played-with-your-art-programs (bottom left one)

Obviously these aren’t exact, but I did get my basic idea for colors done with them. So thank you to whoever made these!!!! 

Watercolors on watercolor paper, white ink, and minor editting with adobe creative suits. 

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